LSU Coastal Roots Program
Seedling Nursery Program for Habitat Restoration

What is Coastal Roots?

Students from 2nd grade through high school are taking part in this project to learn about and become environmental stewards of their natural resources by establishing native plant nurseries at their schools. Students are growing native plant seedlings and grass plugs that they will plant in a coastal habitat restoration project in south Louisiana and in Chile, South America.

There are currently 45 schools across 18 Louisiana parishes currently participating in the LSU Coastal Roots Program, as well as one school in San Pedro de la Paz (Concepcion), Chile.

Students are working with a variety of native seeds,
including the Water Oak, Tupelo Gum, Swamp Red Maple, Loblolly Pine, Nuttall Oak, and Longleaf Pine - just to name a few.

Congratulations to Audubon Zoo and
Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orleans Students

On September 4, 2014, three Pelican NBA team members dropped by the Audubon Zoo to plant bitter panicum beach dune grass with Lycée Français students. The Pelicans staff wanted to focus on Louisiana wetlands.  Brenda Walkenhorst, Education Coordinator for the zoo, received a NOAA Bay-Watershed Education and Training grant that enabled the Audubon Zoo to join the Coastal Roots Program.  The zoo also is the science education site for Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orleans, a total immersion French school.  Students come to the zoo for several months of the year to have their science classes at the zoo.  How cool is that?  It turns out that one of the Pelican's team members is from France, so three players came to help students plant bitter panicum stems as part of the Coastal Roots Program. Check out the video!

It also turns out that one of the Lycee Francais students, Jude Depp (pictured at left), is the son of one of our Coastal Roots lead teachers, Darleen Mipro, at McGehee School in New Orleans.

To learn more, contact:

Dr. Pam Blanchard
LSU School of Education


Dr. Ed Bush
LSU School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences