Compendium of Coastal, Wetland, and Restoration Information

Barrier Islands

Educator’s Guide to the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary – Activities (BTNEP)
The BTNEP Educator’s Guide to the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary is a comprehensive, downloadble source of information and activities for formal and nonformal educators. Grades K-12.

  • Barrier Islands (Activity 1-01) - Shows how barrier islands protect coastal Louisiana from the winds and waves of storms. Students construct models and simulate the wave movements of a storm.
  • The Tragedy of Isles Dernieres (Activity 1-15) - Investigates history and science while unraveling the tragic story of the Isles Dernieres, and offers an excellent opportunity to use modern technology. Grades 8 & HS Env Sci.

Barrier Islands as Part of and Protection for the Wetlands (CWPPRA/USGS)
Identifies the value of the barrier islands to the wetlands.

Barrier Island Fact Sheets (USGS)
Data and GIF images support the need to save our eroding barrier islands.

Barrier Islands: Last Island and Trinity Island
Awesome photography by C.C. Lockwood of the barrier islands of Louisiana. (Photos may not be used without express written permission.)

Northern Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Change and Hazard Susceptibility Project (USGS)
Explores the Louisiana wetland and estuary system. Good resource for sharing an active science investigation with secondary students. Grades 8-12.

Coastal Barriers
Information about coastal barriers and islands.

Barrier Islands: To Build or Not to Build?
Various uses of barrier islands result in disagreements about how they are to be managed. Should barrier islands be protected and left undeveloped? Should people be allowed to build homes and hotels on barrier islands?

Haunted Waters – Video Clips (BTNEP)
An award winning documentary on the cultural, geologic, and environmental history of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary System.

  • History of Barrier Islands (Clip 3) - Cajuns, Creoles and others of many nationalities settled in the barrier islands long ago.