Compendium of Coastal, Wetland, and Restoration Information

Identification and Classification of Plants and Animals

Wildlife Index
A wildlife index that provides information on range, habitat, physical traits, diet, habits, predators, reproductive traits, lifespan, illustrations and physical diagrams. Animals are classified by classification system, habitat, specific traits and locations.

The Universal Biological Indexer and Organizer (uBio) is a comprehensive database of known scientific and common names of living (and once-living) organisms. The Taxonomic Name Server catalogs names and classifications to enable tools that can help users find information on living things using any of the names that may be related to an organism.

Leaf Key to Common Trees in Louisiana – Bulletin (LSUAC)

How to identify common trees and plants in Louisiana.

Native Tree Growing Guide for Louisiana – Bulletin (LSUAC)

Description of native trees in Louisiana.

Changing Attitudes about Nature Through Bird Identification – Activity
Lesson series on bird identification appropriate for a variety of grade levels.

Louisiana State Arthropod Museum (LSUAC)
Includes a photo index of insects. Information about free insect identification or having a researcher come visit your class is also available.

Herbarium Collection – Activity
Details a secondary level project to create a field guide of local plants.

Pond Life Identification
UK site including pictures for identifying common microscopic pond life.

Dress Up a Twig – Lesson Plan (EPA)
Introduces how to identify a tree by its twigs rather than its leaves. Grades 3-6.

Twig Match Lesson – Lesson Plan (EPA)
Lesson expanding how to identify trees by twigs rather than leaves.

Random Sampling – Activity
Lesson on random sampling tied to estimating the number of a given plant species.