Compendium of Coastal, Wetland, and Restoration Information

Purpose of this Compendium

Preservation and restoration of Louisiana's coastal habitats and land are two of the most pressing issues facing our state. Educators have a vital role in bringing to the awareness of young people the urgency of caring for their natural surroundings. By teaching our students using activities that build knowledge and encourage action, educators will increase the environmental literacy of our young citizens and inspire them to become active stewards of our coastal habitats. I am committed to supporting educators interested in teaching about Louisiana's coastal issues by providing them as many high-quality resources as possible. This compendium is an initial effort to offer educators a guide to the best available resources to enhance and support their educational activities.

While I started compiling these materials years ago, many people have had a hand in identifying and annotating the resources in this compendium:

  • Janina Fuller, graduate student, LSU School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development
  • Cally Chauvin, middle school teacher
  • Justin Bruno, graduate student, LSU Educational Theory, Policy and Practice
  • Ashley Castello, LSU graduate student, LSU Educational Theory, Policy and Practice
  • Dr. Margaret-Mary Sulentic-Dowell's EDCI 3200 students, who provided the initial list of children's books as part of a service-learning project for their course

I am thankful to the organizations that provided the funding to initiate this compendium. This volume (Volume 1) was compiled with grant funding from the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program through the LSU Coastal Roots Program (2006-8) and the NOAA Bay-Watershed Education and Training Program (2008-2012).

I intend to periodically update and expand this compendium. I welcome educators to send me information and/or links to resources that should be included in future editions.

Dr. Pam Blanchard
Director, LSU Coastal Roots Program
LSU Educational Theory Policy, and Practice
Baton Rouge, LA 70803