Compendium of Coastal, Wetland, and Restoration Information

Threatened and Endangered Species

Endangered Species – Coloring Book (CWPPRA/USGS)
Interesting facts are presented along with drawings to be colored of each organism in its native habitat: Bald Eagle, Black Bear, Butterfly, Longhorn Beetle, Woodpecker, Crayfish, Gecko, Pitcher Plant, Crane, Prairie Chicken, Sturgeon, and Mussel.

Endangered Species – Activity (FWS)
PowerPoint by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service defines the term “endangered species” and gives picture examples. A quiz accompanies the PowerPoint.

Kids Corner – Activities (FWS)
Activities and information on endangered species and conservation.

Manual of Rare Plants, Animals, and Natural Communities of LA's Coast Zone – Activities (BTNEP)
Fact sheets on rare animal and plant species and natural communities of special concern for all of the river basins contained within Louisiana's coastal zone. The fact sheets in the book will provide specific information about each species of community found within the coastal zone, including descriptions, distribution map, conservation status, and photos or illustrations as available. Created by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Natural Heritage Program with funding from the BTNEP 2007 Mini-Grants Program.

Spirit of the Estuary: Using Art to Understand Ecology – Activities (BTNEP)
A multi-disciplinary curriculum that addresses wetland environmental issues through the integration of fine art, language art, science, and social studies. Grades 6-12.

  • "A Time to Be Born; A Time to Die" (Activity 1-11) - Students identify threatened/endangered species of the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary; identify comeback species of the BTNE; understand the causes of the threatened or endangered status of those animals or plants.

Manatee – Activities (LASGCP)
Did you know that manatees have been spotted in Louisiana? The following activities provide an understanding of manatee habits and a deeper appreciation for this unique animal.

Manatee Activities for your classroom:

National Marine Fisheries Service – Lesson Plans (NOAA)
Explains how the NMFS office protects endangered species, helps conserve marine mammals and works with the Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

Countering Contamination: Data and DDE – Lesson Plans (USGS)
Series of lessons focusing on ecotoxicology, DDE and bioaccumulation in bald eagles. Grades 8-12.

Lessons on the Lake: Ecosystems in Delicate Balance: Threatened, Endangered, and Introduced Species of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin – Lesson Plan (USGS)
Discusses endangered species in the basin area.

Brown Pelicans Return to Louisiana Coast (CWPPRA/USGS)
Describes loss and return of the Brown Pelican to the Louisiana coast.

US Fish and Wildlife Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuges Endangered Species (FWS)
Describes some endangered species in Louisiana and programs enacted to protect them.

Endangered Species of Louisiana
Concise list of plant and animal endangered species in Louisiana including scientific names.

Recapture Lab – Activity
Math lesson describing how wildlife biologists typically estimate the number of animals in a given area. Uses students’ proportion skills.