Compendium of Coastal, Wetland, and Restoration Information


Subsidence and Sea Level Rise in Louisiana: A Study in Disappearing Land (NOAA)
An article showing examples of subsidence. The photography gives a true picture of what is happening to Louisiana’s coastal areas.

Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise in Southeastern Louisiana: Implications for Coastal Management and Restoration (USGS)
Data on subsidence in southeastern Louisiana. A colored map accompanies the text.

Louisiana’s Wetlands Are Sinking Under Pressure (CWPPRA/USGS)
Causes and effects of subsidence in south Louisiana.

Loss of Wetlands: Subsidence – Activities (CWPPRA/USGS)
Activity-based lesson on defining and demonstrating the results of subsidence.

Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future – Video Clips (BTNEP)
This video on BTNEP’s seven priority problems is in the style of Bill Nye the Science Guy and is best suited for middle school, though the vocabulary is applicable to high school topics.

  • Subsidence (Clip 4) - Describes the mechanisms and effects of salt water intrusion due to subsidence. Habitat loss is shown in several ways: canals, sediment loss, salt water intrusion. It also simply states how each effects our wetland areas.

Rescuing the Treasure – Video Clips (BTNEP)
A sequel to “Haunted Waters, Fragile Lands,” this video describes the importance of estuaries and
restoration techniques.

  • Subsidence (Clip 6) - Describes the effects of subsidence on local habitat and culture.

Lafourche Parish: From the Beginning – Activities (BTNEP)
A comprehensive guide to Lafourche Parish, its history, culture, and resources. Activities will help students better understand this important Louisiana parish. All files are in Adobe format and are downloadable from this site. Grades 6-12.

  • Subsidence-An Important Factor - Definitions and descriptions of tectonic and compaction subsidence.
  • Subsidence Made Simple Activity - Concepts of subsidence are demonstrated using a jigsaw puzzle.

Louisiana Wetlands Disappearing (AAPG)
Map showing subsidence in different areas of Louisiana at an inch/year ratio (Visual Simulation).

Subsidence – Activities
Case study lesson on Katrina includes activities dealing with subsidence.

Probable Production-Induced Subsidence, Fault Reactivation, and Wetland Loss in the Gulf Coast Region – Slide Show (USGS)
Secondary-level or teacher resource slide show about subsidence and how it ties to wetland loss.