Compendium of Coastal, Wetland, and Restoration Information

Video Resources

American Wetland Videos

Public Service Announcements (free downloads)

  • America’s Energy Coast
  • Don’t Be A Big Loser Campaign
  • Losing America’s Coast
  • American Wetlands (Famous Louisianans)

BTNEP Videos
To obtain these videos on DVD, contact BTNEP at 800-259-0869. Free upon request.

  • Haunted Waters, Fragile Land (Video Clips Available online)
    An award winning documentary on the cultural, geologic, and environmental history of the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary System.
  • Vanishing Wetlands, Vanishing Future (Video Clips Available online)
    This video on BTNEP’s seven priority problems is in the style of Bill Nye the Science Guy and is best suited for middle school, though the vocabulary is applicable to high school topics.
  • Rescuing the Treasure (Video Clips Available online)
    A sequel to Haunted Waters, Fragile Lands, describing the importance of estuaries and restoration techniques. Activity sheet available. Grades 5-12.
  • EstuaryLive! Video Clips (BTNEP) (Video Clips Available online)
  • Wings Over Wetlands Video - Examines the importance of South Louisiana's wetland habitats to the many birds that either call this region home or who depend on it as they pass through during migration. Activity sheet available. Grades 5-12.
  • Bayou Lafourche: The Longest Street in the World - A documentary that captures the history, culture, lifestyle, environmental troubles and emerging ecological solutions of the 100-mile ribbon of bayou that weaves through the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary. Through the lens of a camera and the voices of many stakeholders, videographer Jim Fields examines the bayou, its historical significance, the culture, and the problems that have been created since this once mighty waterway has been altered and controlled by humans. Grades 6-12.

LA Coast Videos and Public Service Announcements (CWPPRA/USGS)
These graphic presentations are available to be downloaded for free and shown as PSA’s or included in educational presentations.

Project TELLUS Exotic Species Video and Activities (LASGCP)
Two activities and an evaluation designed to accompany the Project TELLUS Video on Exotic Species. For a copy of the video, contact the LA Sea Grant College Program at

Rainwater Blues (DNR,Coastal Management Division)
Non-point source pollution, unlike pollution from industry, comes from everyone and everywhere. Rainfall picks up and carries natural and man-made pollutants and deposits them into our lakes, rivers, bayous, wetlands, estuaries and even our drinking water supplies. This DVD contains both a 15 and a 30 minute version of the video. To order this DVD, contact Linda Pace at (800) 267.4019, Voice 225.342.7936, <>. Free upon request.

MarshMission CD-ROM
Two narrated PowerPoint presentations and a Flash movie about Louisiana’s vanishing wetlands. To
request your copy of the CD, send an email to <>.

  • Vanishing Wetlands by C.C. Lockwood (approx. 27 min.)
  • Changing Landscape by Rhea Gary (approx. 27 min.)
  • The Rise and Disappearance of Southeast Louisiana by Dan Swenson (7 min.)

Black Bears and Songbirds of the Lower MS River Valley CD-ROM (CWPPRA/USGS)
Inform students of the importance of forested wetlands and the animals that depend on them. This highly interactive CD-ROM features audio and video clips of wildlife and research biologists. Developed by the USGS and The US Fish and Wildlife Service. Request a copy through the LaCOAST webpage at

The Water Sourcebook Series CD-ROM
The Water Sourcebook Series consists of a set of 4 volumes appropriate for Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, & Grades 9-12. Each volume is a flexible comprehensive environmental education program on water issues. The Water Sourcebook Series explains the water management cycle using a balanced approach and how it affects every aspect of the environment. The curriculum provides strong science and math content, but also links these subject areas to social studies and language arts. Each Water Sourcebook contains hands-on activities and investigations, fact sheets, reference materials, and a glossary of terms. There are 5 chapters contained in each book, Introduction to Water, Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment, Surface Water Resources: Ground Water Resources, and Wetland and Coastal Waters. The Water Sourcebook helps kids learn about water,“use what you need and don’t pollute” is the message sent to children through the Water Sourcebook Series. Cost for the CD-ROM is $10. Order form is online (see the website).

Mercury Awareness: Prevention and Protection Video and DVD (DEQ)
This nine-minute video has been developed to inform people mercury pollution, exposure and fish advisories in Louisiana’s bodies of water. Available in CD, VHS and on the website.

Runoff Non-point Source Pollution Video (NOAA)
Very short “Quicktime” video on different runoff scenarios, this can be used as an attention getter or discussion point.

Hurricane on the Bayou Video
Dynamic IMAX movie created during Hurricane Katrina teaching about the impact of hurricanes on the Louisiana coast. Includes resources for teaching lessons about the movie. Movie can be ordered via links on the site.

Hurricane Force: A Coastal Perspective Videos
Series of online videos describing the impact of hurricanes on the Gulf Coast.