LSU Coastal Roots Program
Seedling Nursery Program for Habitat Restoration

CR Staff

Dr. Pam Blanchard, Associate Professor

Science Education

LSU School of Education

Interests: stewardship of natural resources, science as inquiry

Dr. Ed Bush, Associate Professor

Ornamental Horticulture

LSU School of Plant, Environment, and Soil Sciences

Interests: ornamental horticulture, commercial nursery crops, water quality, irrigation management

Ms. Juliane Denis, Coastal Roots Staff

Elementary Education Major at LSU


David Bourgeois

David was co-creator of the LSU Coastal Roots Program and one of its three co-directors. One of David's keen interests was in the propagation of black mangrove seedlings as a means of stemming coastal erosion in his beloved coastal wetlands and estuaries. He was a natural teacher and believed that students could learn best by experiencing the beauty of the wetlands firsthand. He spent countless hours teaching young people about the animals and habitats of Louisiana's wetlands. His positive spirit and quick smile will be missed by all those who enjoyed his company. David passed away unexpectedly in December 2009. We miss him dearly.

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Dr. Pam Blanchard
LSU School of Education


Dr. Ed Bush
LSU School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences